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Nestle Dairy Farm Natural Yoghurt (Yogurt or Dahi)


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Available on backorder

Yoghurt or Dahi has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years. It’s quite nutritious, and eating it regularly may boost several aspects of your health.

Yoghurt is a food product with preparation by fermenting milk. Natural probiotic yoghurt, with active or live cultures, is perhaps the healthiest of all dairy products, especially when it’s free of added sugar.

The key to healthy snacking is based on the nutrient density and the eating habits. Besides that, good eating habits should incorporate eating only while hungry : not only for pleasure or in response to stress or boredom.

Nestle Dairy Farm Natural Yoghurt (Product Features):

  • No added preservative
  • 100 million live lactic culture per cup
  • Low fat
  • Freshly made in HK everyday

Ways to eat Yoghurt:

  • You can dip it, spread it, freeze it, add fruit to it or eat it plain.
  • Make a breakfast parfait by layering yogurt, dry cereal or granola, and topping with your favorite fruit
  • Top waffles or pancakes with yogurt and sliced strawberries
  • Enjoy a mid-day snack by blending yogurt, fruit and juice to make a delicious smoothie
  • Dip raw vegetables in plain yogurt
  • Use yogurt for salad dressing and dips
  • Serve plain yogurt on quesadillas, tacos, soups and chiliā€”as an alternative to sour cream


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