Kowloon Dairy Fresh Milk, 946ml


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Serving since 78 years, your favorite Kowloon Dairy has been the Milk Brand in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it has always lived up to the highest expectations of their customers and community at large. Maintaining the absolute integrity and sustainability of the brand — from farming, sourcing and production, to storage and delivery — is Kowloon Dairy’s number one priority and underscores our commitment to quality and service.

Kowloon Dairy continues to freshly make all the great-tasting products. They keep in mind about all the international standards, right here at home in Hong Kong. The Dairy likes to think it is possibly the freshest milk you could get anywhere in the world. In contrast with, only if you are living on the farm!

Fresh milk contains essential carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy and help regulate hormones. The proteins in our fresh milk products contain all nine essential amino acids. The multiple vitamins and minerals in our fresh milk products perform numerous metabolic functions. Essential fatty acids in full milk help maintain lean body mass.


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