Lauki (Bottle Gourd), 500g- Local


Eligible for Express Delivery


Eligible for Express Delivery

Origin- Local

As lauki contains almost 96% of water, it is perfect for juice extraction. It is readily available in the market and is affordable too! Moreover, extracting the juice from lauki is not at all difficult. Therefore, the juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium. It has low cholesterol and fat level. As a result, this anti-oxidant drink is quite popular among health conscious individuals.

The bottle gourd, Lagenaria siceraria (synonym Lagenaria vulgaris Ser.), also known as opo squash, or long melon, is a vine grown for its fruit, which can either be harvested young and used as a vegetable, or harvested mature, dried, and used as a bottle, utensil, or pipe.

Benefits of Lauki or Bottle Gourd:

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Helps Digestion And Treats Constipation
  • Provides Cooling Effect
  • Treats Urinary Problems
  • Treats Sleeping Disorders
  • Replenishes Loss Of Water Content
  • Keeps The Heart Healthy
  • Reduces Inflammation Of Liver

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