Drum sticks, 5 pc- India


Origin- India

Moringa has numerous applications in cooking throughout its regional distribution. The fruits or seed pods, known as drum sticks, are a culinary vegetable commonly used in soups and curries. The leaves are also commonly eaten with many culinary uses, and the flowers are featured in some recipes as well.

Drum Sticks are an example of a simple superfood that doesn’t require you to bust the bank. It is chock-a-block with beta carotene, vitamin C, protein, calcium, iron, and more. The leaves, unless very tender, are quite tough to digest. So, make sure you pressure cook or steam them well before using in recipes.

Drum sticks have the following benefits:

  • Purifies Blood
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  • Builds Strong Bones
  • Protects against Infections
  • Eases Respiratory Problems
  • Helps on Digestion
  • Helps Fight Acne
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Fights Insomnia

While Moringa has been proclaimed as one the more recent superfoods, the fact is that this vegetable has been used in Indian cooking. Especially, in South Indian dishes for centuries. Be it something as simple as a sambhar or avial or just about any meat curry, pieces of drumsticks are often used. It may not be used in many North Indian dishes, but Moringa is steadily making its way to other regions too . Apart from South Indian dishes, you can add these to soups, salads, pickles and different sauces for an added crunch.



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